Medicaid Disruption Among Transition-Age Youth on the Autism Spectrum.

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TitleMedicaid Disruption Among Transition-Age Youth on the Autism Spectrum.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsShea, L, Tao, S, Marcus, SC, Mandell, D, Epstein, AJ
JournalMed Care Res Rev
Date Published2021 Oct 11

Enrollment in Medicaid facilitates access to needed services among transition-age youth on the autism spectrum and youth with intellectual disability (ID). There are long-standing programs to ensure that individuals with ID remain enrolled as they age; similar programs for autistic youth are newer, not as widespread, and may not be as effective. We compared Medicaid disenrollment and re-enrollment between transition-age youth on the autism spectrum, youth with ID, and youth with both diagnoses using a national claims-based prospective cohort study from 2008 through 2012. Autistic youth were most likely to disenroll and least likely to re-enroll. Disenrollment peaked for all three groups at ages 19 and 21. Transition-age youth on the autism spectrum experience more disruptions in access to Medicaid-reimbursed services than youth with ID. More equitable Medicaid enrollment options for autistic individuals are needed to ensure their access to critical health care as they age.

Alternate JournalMed Care Res Rev
PubMed ID34632834