Leila Bateman

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Clinical Research Project Manager

Leila Bateman the Clinical Research Project Manager for CAR’s Data and Statistical Core, which builds and optimizes scientific data integration and management, data discovery, reporting, and analysis across the Center.  Ms. Bateman works with CAR’s Scientists and Staff to make sure that each study has the data management resources, tools, and access needed to perform scientific studies of autism research.  She manages CAR’s Data Analysts and other staff in building databases to collect and score clinical research data, and in writing code to process and prepare data for analysis.


Ms. Bateman also manages CAR’s Student and Volunteer program, hiring and managing students and volunteers on research projects across the Center.  She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to managing CAR’s Data and Statistical Core, she worked at CAR as a Clinical Research Assistant and Coordinator at CAR, and as an Artist and Project Manager at the Philadelphia Traction Company.