Jillian Lebus, M.A.

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Jillian Lebus, M.A. is a Psychometrist at CHOP’s Center for Autism Research, working across a number of research studies within in the Lurie Family Foundations Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center. Her expertise includes administration of neuropsychological assessments for research participants ranging from infants to adolescents. Having a clinical focus in ASD, her work supports the inclusion of participants regardless of their cognitive or speech abilities. Prior to coming to CHOP, Jillian worked for several years as an adjunct college professor that specialized in abnormal psychology courses in addition to holding roles as a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist. She graduated from West Chester University, where she received her BA and MA in Clinical Psychology. During the course of her graduate work, she completed an internship and practicum at a juvenile detention center, completing neuropsychological evaluations and counseling services for detained children and adolescents. She is looking forward to further expanding her clinical abilities here at CHOP.