Ashley deMarchena, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Dr. deMarchena is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the Universioty of the Sciences in Philadelphia. While completing her postdoctoral fellowship at CAR, Dr. deMarchena was a founding member of CAR's Technology & Innovation Lab.

Professor de Marchena’s research focuses on the behavioral presentation of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She is broadly interested in communication in ASD, including pragmatic language, nonverbal communication, and language acquisition. She is also interested in how hard-to-describe qualitative features of behavior and interaction (for example, “oddness” of posture or “awkwardness” of social approach) drive other people’s reactions to those with ASD, both in clinical contexts and everyday encounters.

Professor de Marchena’s teaching interests including topics in clinical, developmental, and cognitive psychology. She is developing a new course on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and currently teaches Fundamentals of Clinical Research Methods and Abnormal Psychology.

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