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Breanna Winder

Breanna is a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Autism Research. She was a psychology intern in the autism track and LEND fellow program at CHOP in 2012-2013. Breanna received her doctorate in Clinical Developmental Psychology at Bryn Mawr College. She completed her master’s thesis on gesture, vocalization, and toy play as possible early indices of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Following the completion of that project, she received an Autism Speaks fellowship to continue her research on infants at heightened risk for developing ASD with a focus on temperament. This led to her dissertation, which was a collaboration with CHOP, and was also on temperament in infant siblings. In the clinical realm, Breanna is particularly interested in early identification, early intervention and school-based interventions, and the role of anxious and attentional symptomatology on ASD treatment outcome.

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